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Instructions for Contributors 

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Submissions of particular interest include cutting edge original research, theoretical and innovative approaches to the ancient world dealing with the focus of the journal, i.e. the integration of archaeology and historical documents. We are interested in articles focusing on diverse aspects of the cultures of the Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds, from the Bronze Age through Late Antique times.
However, we will not accept an article that will appear, or has already appeared, in another publication (in printed form or online), whether in English or another language. Moreover, manuscripts submitted to for consideration must not be simultaneously or concurrently submitted to a different journal for consideration. In support of the resolution passed by the Archaeological Institute of America Council at its December 30, 1970 meeting, the journal will not serve as the initial place of publication or announcement of any object acquired by an individual or institution after 30 December 1973. The only exceptions to this rule are if the object was in a collection as of 30 December 1973, or if it has been legally exported from the country of origin. In addition, an object or inscription from the Antiquities market that can reasonably be considered to be a modern forgery may be published as a forgery.